Iconic children’s theme park celebrates 60 years of serving the public

By Richard Reyes

Families from across the Central Valley flocked to Pixie Woods to celebrated the children park’s 60th anniversary on June 6.

“Pixie Woods was started by a group of gentlemen that wanted a location for children in town,” said Board of
Directors President Gae Stewart. “The city told them to come up with a set up amount of money. So they had a fundraiser to raise the amount.”

The event visits from princesses, family fun and cake to celebrate the occasion.

Gates opened at noon. The party didn’t stop until 5 p.m.

Pixie Woods wasn’t the only birthday celebrator.

Esther Avalos’ son was also marking his special day.

“He saw the balloons when we got here and thought they were for him,” said Avalos. “We just went with it and said they were. It’s kind of cool that his birthday celebration is the same as Pixie Woods.”

Children enjoyed the day by getting their faces painted, playing in the multiple playgrounds and being doused with water – on a rather warm 90-plus degree day – by a dragon in the splash lagoon.

Puppeteers Kevin Menegus and Fred C. Riley III of the Fratello Marionettes put on three performances for the children, who giggled with excitement, while Parents took pictures.

“We do a lot of libraries in the area,” said Menegus. “And they asked us to come out for the 60th birthday celebration.”

The train, boat and carousal rides were also up and running, giving families a rides around a lagoon, where mermaids sunbathe and pirates plan their escape from the erupting volcano – both longtime Pixie Woods mainstays.

“Both of those rides (boat-train) the kids so enjoy them,” added Stewart. “They can see the volcano go off, we got dinosaurs, pirates and leprechaun village. There’s all kinds of visuals that the kids can enjoy.”
There’s also a new attraction.

“We have a new feature were going to add in an older area. It’s going to be a spaced-themed area we’re going to put in,” she said.

Every year new generations come to enjoy Pixie Woods, which is located at Louis Park in Stockton.

“We want the community to know that were still here. A lot of people forget that were here, so we like to try to remind the public,” said Stewart. “Yes, we’re still here.”