Spring 2017 projects

Spring 2017 projects

Avenue Q Takes Delta

“Avenue Q,” an original New York musical, is a “foot in mouth” type of production staged for the Spring 2017 semester at San Joaquin Delta College. The show, Which won a triple crown award in 2004, is still running on Broadway. By Lexee Simmons

Stockton’s Homeless Blues

Underneath Interstate 5 near downtown Stockton, a homeless population creates a community in an attempt to find refuge, safety and comfort. Their stories are all different. Their lives not much different than ours. By Killian Barnhart and Mikael Honzell

Brewed Into Stockton Hearts

Stockton coffee shops have gained recognition for the fresh and creative options provided for residents. “Third wave” coffee shops are what some people are calling these local shops, who are more concentrated on the craft of coffee rather than commodity. By Francina Sanchez

Sweet Treats in Stockton

On Thornton Road you can find a small shop called Fizz Bakery. It may be hard to find at first because it’s surrounded by other businesses, but once you find it you won’t have a problem finding it again. By Andres Aguirre

Healthy Choice

Pure Form Training is a Stockton fitness facility focused on getting patrons in shape while also giving back to the community. By Tino Lewis

Victory Grill is Lit

The hustle and bustle of a big town can be an intimidating place for small business owners, but the Victory Grill has made its name in the Stockton area. By Yasmeen Abdul Bawab

Balls to the Wall

On the outskirts of Stockton there lies an indoor sports facility that’s a sanctuary for people of all ages who love sports. By Trellin McCoy

Fenix Rising

Fenix is one of Lodi’s newest restaurants sitting in the heart of downtown at 117 W. Elm St., next to the Lodi Stadium 12 Cinemas. By Raj Singh

Bohemian Chic

Sheryl Giles, owner of Sheryl Giles Bridal Couture bought her shop two years ago with an every intention of making the name known. By Jasmine Gonzalez

Symposium: A collection of art and sound

A group of young entrepreneurs decided to start something of their own for the people of Stockton, a safe haven for local artists and musicians to share work with the community, as well as food vendors and local brands. By Andrea Careaga

In the Shoes of a Car Crew

Regulatorz Crew is a family of car enthusiast and car lovers. To be part of the crew is to love cars, and one must absolutely love cars to join the crew. By Pym Corpuz

A passion for caring

Foster care is intended to provide temporary, safe living arrangements and therapeutic services for children who can’t remain safely at home due to maltreatment, or whose parents are unable to provide adequate care. By Daniel Sophus