Spring 2019 projects

Spring 2019 projects

Empowered Sluts

The Slut Walk provided a safe space were people can talk about sexual assault, victim blaming and slut shaming. By Jefferson Leiva

Becoming a Queen

Ever wonder what having an alter ego would be like? Drag gives anyone the ability to explore other sides of themselves. By Catlan Nguyen

Larpe Diem

Members of Lodi live-action roleplay group forge friendships and overcome challenges in fantasy-inspired activity.By Brandon Chavez Garcia and Elijah Lewis

Familiar Grounds

People create bonds with one another over a variety of different interests and preferences, but everyone seeks out a community like them. By Miranda La Londe

The Con Effect

In 2012, Mike Millerick launched the first Stockton Con. It was held at the Spanos Center at UOP. By Samuel Ochoa

Because They Matter

There’s never a shortage of animals in need, but also no shortage of those ready to help. By Ygraine Montgomery

Beyond the Books

San Joaquin County libraries are expanding, offering the communities they serve more than books. By Vanessa Vega

In the Making

Hatch, a new makerspace in downtown Stockton, aims to transform the city’s culture of creativity. By Caroline Batch

A Safe Return to Port

Stockton’s craft beer community has a home thanks to the efforts of Channel Brewing Company. By Sanyantho Lathipanya

Hard Core

Manteca’s CORE209 gym provides more than good workout. For members, it’s become a tight-knit community. By Anaya Diaz-Salcedo

Finding the Write Words

At Delta’s student newspaper, The Collegian, hard work and perseverance are the keys to storytelling success. By Noah Erickson

Painting the City

Art Expressions of San Joaquin brings vibrant color and deeply personal stories to Stockton. By Joseph Munoz