By Analese Najera
All musicians start somewhere. Whether it’s a talent show or a coffee shop, every musician has started off unknown before they got their big break. There are many aspiring musicians who may not get the recognition they deserve. Three musicians in particular are all aspiring to get to that next level and aim to get their music out there.

Local Musicians In the 209 Area


Kyle “Wunder” Filter

Kyle, who goes by “Wunder,” resides in Tracy. He started of music when he was in high school.

He is a rapper who started off with hip hop and is now transitioning to singing. Kyle has a deep passion for music and wants it spread his music so that everyone can hear it.

“The moment I decided to pursue music was when I started noticing how it influenced so many people around me,” said Filter.

Kyle has made several albums which have been released on SoundCloud he also is planning on working on more music. Kyle doesn’t play any instruments but he does make his own music, he will either use equipment at home to edit his music or go to a studio in Oakland.

Kyle has been featured in music videos. He shares through sound cloud and social media by sharing the link on IG or twitter asking people to take a listen.

He plans on continue to pursue music and hopes to make a career out of it.



Holly Raasch

Holly is from Patterson. She knew she wanted to pursue music at a young age.

“I’ve always been obsessed with music,” said Raasch.

Holly sings with the guitar.

“It was a way to get out how I wanted … how I was feeing,” said Holly.

Holly also plays the ukulele as well as the guitar. She likes to sing indie/alt music. Holly mostly does covers right now.

“I play in small coffee shops, I play in bars locally, birthday parties,” she said.

She is currently working on her new EP which she hopes to release soon. Kyle and Holly actually crated a song together which was noticed by a production company who edited the song.

Holly spreads her music through social media as well. And she posts her songs on YouTube which has received a lot of views.

“I’d hope that my music has finally been released,” said Raasch when asked where she sees herself in five years.


Denise Avila

Denise lives in Tracy.

“I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember,” said Denise.

She sings for her church; she has been singing here for years. She has performed at several church events and talent shows. She is still trying to find more opportunities to perform.

“I’m still trying to get myself out there,” she said.

She also sings with the guitar, she learned at a young age.

“I started at nine, my hands were way too small, so I had to stop, postpone for a few years before I could pick it back up.”

She posts videos of her singing or playing the guitar to social media. Though most of her experience is with church music, she wants to be in a band. She gravitates towards the indie/alt genre.

“I really love english and literature, poetry and so one day my poems turned into a song,” said Denise.