Spring 2018

Viva La Vintage

Lilou of the Valley Vintage is a shop proudly owned by Shontay Rodriguez. She and her husband, Branden Rodriguez, began the business selling vintage clothing through pop-up shops and eBay. By Cristina Poklay

Where There is Help

It doesn’t matter so much how or why individuals end up in need, what is important is what can be done to help, and that by helping, we can make our communities safer for ourselves and our children. By Lacee Ross

Spring 2017

Stockton’s Homeless Blues

Underneath Interstate 5 near downtown Stockton, a homeless population creates a community in an attempt to find refuge, safety and comfort. Their stories are all different. Their lives not much different than ours. By Killian Barnhart and Mikael Honzell

A passion for caring

Foster care is intended to provide temporary, safe living arrangements and therapeutic services for children who can’t remain safely at home due to maltreatment, or whose parents are unable to provide adequate care. By Daniel Sophus

In the Shoes of a Car Crew

Regulatorz Crew is a family of car enthusiast and car lovers. To be part of the crew is to love cars, and one must absolutely love cars to join the crew. By Pym Corpuz

Fall 2016

Growing success

Meet Marlene Hepner a teacher at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy. In addition to teaching, Hepner is one of the advisors for the school’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program and runs a flower shop in her classroom. By Chanelle Muerong

Etched in skin

Tattoos, and the meanings behind them, are as varied as the growing number of people who choose to get them. For some people it can be as simple as getting what they think will look nice. For others it has to be something more personal. By Austin Nordyke

Fall 2015

Quilter’s quest

Mass produced blankets are available everywhere, but nothing replaces the warmth of a quilt made at home.

Summer 2015

Planting for the future

A look at a fruit stand that sells fresh-picked strawberries, in addition to others fruits and vegetables, daily in North Stockton.