Fall 2016 projects

Growing success

Meet Marlene Hepner a teacher at Merrill F. West High School in Tracy. In addition to teaching, Hepner is one of the advisors for the school’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) program and runs a flower shop in her classroom. By Chanelle Muerong

Colors of Stockton

Art isn’t always on a canvas. People assume art is only created to be put into a gallery, or it has to mean something. By Nuntida Sisavat

Behind the scenes at the Stockton Animal Shelter

Most people think the animal shelter is a place where animals go to die. That’s not the truth. By Shaquoya Jones

Stockton skates

From something surfers in California started in the 1950s to a globally recognized sport of the Olympics’ in 2020, skateboarding has managed to only get more popular overtime. There’s no exception when it comes to skating in the 209. By Blaine Nebe

Tactics in the 209

CQB City is a 65,000-square foot simulation city built indoors, and ran by veterans. By Joey Boscacci

209 Artists

All musicians start somewhere. Whether it’s a talent show or a coffee shop, every musician has started off unknown before they got their big break. By Analese Najera

KWDC rebooted

After a summer off air, San Joaquin Delta College campus radio station KWDC is back on the air. By Eladie Serna

Etched in skin

Tattoos, and the meanings behind them, are as varied as the growing number of people who choose to get them. For some people it can be as simple as getting what they think will look nice. For others it has to be something more personal. By Austin Nordyke