By Eladie Serna

After a summer off air, San Joaquin Delta College campus radio station KWDC is back on the air.

KWDC is located in the Shima building at Delta College. Listeners, though, can tune in on it’s on-air home, 93.5 FM.

The station covers topics such as sports, entertainment, community-based programming and the students at Delta College.

Associate Professor Adriana Brogger is looking for students who are passionate and want to be part of the station.

“KWDC is based on the community based on Delta College Students,” she said. “KWDC is based on how well you work with others … You have to be able to be to work with others in order to be a part of KWDC.”

KWDC returned to air on Sept. 20, 2016 with a new station manger and Brogger as the new professor. She’s no stranger to being on camera and has taught RTV classes in the past.

Brogger said students who have no experience being on air can be part of KWDC.

She also explained how students can be on air. She said that students who aren’t even in RTV classes can attend meetings.

“Students who want to be on air have to be current students right now and they have to be enroll into RTV course,” she said.  “I would highly encourage all Delta College students who wants to be on air to take RTV courses.”

Meetings are every Thursday at  2 p.m. in Shima 146.

Students involved talk abut the different classes they are talking they will help them on the air. They all want to have a different part of KWDC. They describe on how they want to be apart of the radio station. They also say why they want to be apart of it.

During my interview with students who wants to be apart of KWDC, a students talks about why he is apart of KWDC.

Brandon Dale who is a student a current student at Delta college. He is one of the students that want to be part of KWDC. He talks about what he want to do in KWDC.

“I don’t know what I want to on KWDC. But I think I want to do with something that involved voice over,” said Dale.

He also explained audio.

“That media have many different things including music that have to go well with the media,” he said.

Brogger said she is excited about the future of the station.

“I would like all Delta College students who wants to be apart of KWDC to come to the meetings that happens every Thursday to see what we do,” she said.