Regulatorz Car Crew

By Pym Corpuz

Regulatorz Crew is a family of car enthusiast and car lovers. To be part of the crew is to love cars, and one must absolutely love cars to join the crew.

Antonio became part of the Regulatorz Car Crew during its inception in September 2016.

The Regulatorz Car Crew isn’t just a family for Antonio, it’s a culture. Car culture in the United States have been growing in the beginning of the 21st century. Car crews including the Regulatorz Car Crew took inspiration from “The Fast and The Furious” movies.

Antonio’s cousin, Gemar Yuson, founder of the Regulatorz Car Crew, said he was always inspired by the movies, so he decided to create a car crew of his own.

“I always wanted to make a car crew so I decided to make one with a couple of friends,” said Yuson. Yuson invited his closest family members to his car crew, said that he wanted to bond with his family.

Being in a car crew is in Yuson’s blood. Most of his family members either have customized cars or are part of another car crew. Yuson’s cousin, Antonio, used to be in another car crew before he joined the Regulatorz. Antonio ended up breaking up his other crew because it had few members and their cars keeps breaking down.

Car problems didn’t hinder Antonio from joining another car crew.

There are currently nine members of the Regulatorz.

Although the crew is small, Yuson tries to integrate with other crews.

In December 2016, the crew had a small meet up in Stockton where several other car crews joined the meet up. About 40 cars joined the meet up, but according to Regulatorz, forty people is a small amount. The ideal amount of cars in a large meetup is about 100 cars.

According to Rodrigo “Rigo” Gagaza, having a large meetup is risky for car crews. That amount of heat will attract cops to the location, and the crews will have to find new spots for another meet up.

Gagaza is Antonio’s cousin and one of the founding members of the Regulatorz, and he and Antonio organize the location for each meet up. The meet ups can be in the same place as the previous ones, but the cops showing up a risk the crew is willing to take. Although for the fear of getting their cars impounded, the crew meets up in an unpredictable days.

The Regulatorz Car Crew meets up three times a month with other car crews around 209 where they relax, see new cars, rev their engines and meet other car crew. Most of the time, Regulatorz aren’t doing something illegal. The purpose of their meet up is to just show up in the meets and see who else is there and have fun in their get-together.

Car crews use social media like Instagram to put up flyers and let people know where the next meetup is happening. Such flyers get reposted in social media where other people can see it and they may also join. Car meetups form in the depths of Instagram.

Most of the car crew are paranoid. Although most of them aren’t breaking the law, they never turn off their engines so when the police are called, they are prepared to run away. None of these people want to get their car taken away.

“‘Regulatorz’ originally came from the song ‘Regulate’ by Warren G,” said Yuson of the crew’s name. “I came up with that idea. Regulate for me means to basically ‘run s***’ so I thought it would be a really good name.”

Yuson wants to have his car crew be known in the 209, and hopefully in whole Central Valley.

There are many car crews in the 209: Mobb Valley CC, Audacity CC, No Limits Mafia, Diablos, Bucket View, and more. The Regulatorz have just joined the car crew stage and soon, Yuson and Gagaza believe, it will be known.