Quilter’s Quest looks at local practitioners

Quilter’s Quest looks at local practitioners


October 25, 2015

IMG_0216By Kristen Riedel

Learning how to shoot video intimidated me at first. My prior experience consisted of occasionally recording my dogs playing. I’ve been practicing angles and framing, trying to keep an eye on what is in the entire frame because you can’t crop video like photos. I’m also paying attention to capturing movement that is interesting.

Because my topic is quilting, I’ve been focusing closely on hands. I’ve been to three quilting classes where I am trying to capture the progress of quilt construction to tell the story.

It’s an interesting challenge to shoot during a class when the instructor is moving around. I’m looking for good shots while staying out of the way, so it’s an interesting dance.

I’m also listening to the conversations so I can anticipate action, trying not to be so focused on one area that I miss an interesting interaction somewhere else.


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