Challenge means new learning experiences

Challenge means new learning experiences


July 9, 2015


By Jessica Michelsen

This course is proving to be more challenging than I was expecting. This is a very good thing.

I am relearning skills that I thought I had lost after years of not utilizing them. Taking photos, conducting interviews and reaching out to people I do not know are all skills I had put on the wayside.

My partner, Brian Ratto, and I are working on a project that showcases the Children’s Museum of Stockton. We made our second trip to it over this past weekend and I felt it was a great improvement from our first time out there.

Slowly, but surely, I am becoming more confident in myself.

When I sat down to interview Lisa Jones, the Children’s Museum of Stockton’s director of development, I sat upright and was comfortable making eye contact. I absolutely knew what information I needed from her and I was able to frame my questions accordingly. The whole process was much more relaxed for me and that translated into how comfortable she was responding to my questions.

Speaking to parents was also easier for me. I had a much clearer idea of what questions I needed to ask. I knew how to respond when I was turned away.

I have never considered photography to be one of my strong suits but the photos from this last trip are a large improvement over the first. I am better able to understand what makes a good photo and what doesn’t even if my pictures are still far from perfect.

It is reassuring to see the progress I have made in just three weeks.

My next step is post-production. I am officially wading into uncharted waters.

The process of editing video and compiling a photo gallery is a bit daunting but I am confident that I will be able to present a final product that others will want to see.

Fingers crossed, really.


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