Change of plans for sources, means project changes

Change of plans for sources, means project changes


July 21, 2015

By Midori Morita

So our group visited Penryn Rock Quarry a few weeks ago, and we were going to meet up with our paranormal investigators this past Friday to visit a house in Sacramento.

We were very excited to get more interviews and a lot more videos and pictures.

While we were making our way to Sacramento for the meetup, our group decided to stop and eat in Elk Grove. While we were ordering, Kody Bowerman gets a call from one of the investigators.

He told us that the occupant of the house was out of town and forgot about the investigation.

But he later told us that the occupant might have gotten cold feet. We, of course, were really bummed out. On our first investigation I feel like we didn’t get much video or pictures.

And it really shows when we only have a few videos to edit and not many pictures to look through. But luckily, this paranormal team quickly accommodated and set up a different investigation where we will be able to get the shots and interviews we need. So we will be heading to a very interesting location right here in Stockton on Thursday evening.

Our instructor, Tara Cuslidge, has been here and she’s had her own alleged paranormal experiences. So we have pretty high expectations. We might try to set up one more investigation, but we are thinking that we might have everything we need after this upcoming meetup.


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