Fall project reporting underway

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October 26, 2015

FullSizeRender-4The summer semester flew by for the Pulse of 209 cohort, with projects beginning and ending in a six-week turnaround.

Now we’re in the middle of the first full semester offering of Introduction to Multimedia and reporting for the group, which currently totals nine, is finally underway.

The students pitched projects the first two weeks of the semester and we began lectures/tutorials immediately after. The lessons included information about content management, social media and an introduction to many of the programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud 15 suite.

It’s a lot of work on the front end, for sure.

All those tutorials, though, will come in handy in the coming weeks as the students begin reporting their projects. Many have already gone out at least once. Other students are hopefully solidifying interviews in the next week. The goal is that the students will start piecing their projects together in early November.

The projects are officially due at the beginning of December.

I’m getting excited because it means the “ah-ha” moments are coming again. This class is a lot of work, particularly in that it requires a time commitment to one project. But, according to the summer cohort, it’s worth it to see the entire project come together at the end.


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