Lessons include ‘wealth of information’

Lessons include ‘wealth of information’


June 26, 2015

By Alan Beckman

First of all my instructor Tara Cuslidge has given me a wealth of informative information regarding Multimedia in various aspects.

1. Presenting a proper introduction to a potential client. “Hello, my name is Alan Beckham may I speak with you concerning my doing an interview for my class project in journalism?”

2. Storyboarding is a very intricate part of drafting your overall outline to its finest detail
towards achieving your project.

3.Have a plan to speak with the person in charge who can make key decisions to help you with your project.

4. What are you planning? Interviews – B-roll videos – photos – audio – video – interviews – mash-up-map – hot-spot-map – timeline – data visualization.

5. Required elements: One 2-3 minute video with interview B-roll photo gallery-600 word story-one additional multi media component-extra video-timeline-hot-spot-map.

6. Make sure to do your interview first so you can correctly set up your video shoot.

7. How will you fill three minutes in order to gain the most from your shoot?

8. What things would make a better photo than a video?

9. What would be the most colorful things you’ll be shooting?


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