More than just cookies

Employee Kathy gives us insight into the history of Spaans Cookies.


October 27, 2015

By Megan Maxey

Last Tuesday I was fortunate enough to spend an enjoyable afternoon reporting at Spaans.

This was my first time reporting with a video camera and really trying to wrap my head around the images that mIMG_8239y project would consist of. This new experience was both exciting and nerve-wracking.

I was able to make personal bonds with the people who work there and those who run the bakery as well.

In addition to the scheduled interviews, I also conducted an interview with the owner Jim Spaans. This was very exciting for me considering I thought I wouldn’t be able to interview him. I had to sort of wing it and come up with questions on the spot but it all worked out.

Walking into Spaans is like walking into a home. The pictures on the walls tell a story that goes back more than fifty y
ears. The time I spent there got me even more excited to capture what Spaans is really about.

The customers coming in and out of the store were very curious about what I was doing and were interested in my project.

I am definitely not completed with all of my reporting. I will be visiting many more times to get more pictures, customer interviews, and anything else I may need. I will also be visiting the store the day before Thanksgiving, a day when many faces of the commu
nity show up to pick up Spaans’ Thanksgiving pies.

After doing a lot of my reporting, I am very much looking forward to putting my project together.

This place is more than just cookies and pies. The people and history of this institution is really something extraordinary.

I’ve found myself to be quite passionate about my community and Spaans has been a Galt institution for many years.

I can only hope that I will do them justice.


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