One week down, five to go

One week down, five to go


June 22, 2015


By Richard Reyes

The first week of reporting on Pulse 209 inaugural class is now in the books, and here is a brief of what has been accomplished.

Starting out at the renovated Billy Hebert field, Patrick Byes and I were able to catch a league game going on.

We took pictures and video of the event in progress. The biggest surprise, a Hall of Famer grandson, was playing in the infield, and happened to make an ESPN highlight play. Stay tuned to find out whom.

Later in the week, I attended a Stockton Ports game for footage of Banner Island Ballpark. I was able to get pictures and video, while also picking up an interview with a city official about the future of Stockton sports. I also sat down for a chat with the Ports broadcast radio announcer.

In the upcoming week, Patrick and I will be heading over to Stockton Arena to grab some interviews with some of the workers from the building. Also to tie up any loose ends that may have been missed on our first week of reporting.

Stay tuned, because even we don’t know what we might find!


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