Projects, tutorials move forward

Projects, tutorials move forward


June 26, 2015

IMG_5889After two days of tutorials in Adobe Premiere, three student teams borrowed equipment to do reporting this weekend for their projects.

Project check-ins begin on Monday.

The Premiere demos were likely a little overwhelming for our students initially. But they did an excellent job following along with information on how to properly set up their projects (without files going into various computer folders) and create new projects and sequences.

I also did a short Adobe Audition tutorial to show how specific segments of audio can be brought up if necessary.

In the next few weeks, the students will be moving quite a bit of media onto a brand new work-in-progress server space. Two teams have already moved content onto it. The first was our ghost hunting group, which did a bulk of its reporting last weekend. The trio is planning to do another hunt.

With some video and audio editing under their belts, a few of the students are already starting to play around with the software in preparation for our serious lab time in a few weeks.

We’re two weeks into the semester now, with only four to go. The biggest challenge for me is teaching them how to manage their time well. I’ve mentioned a few times now that all of them should have contacted their story sources so far and, potentially, done some preliminary reporting. The goal by the end of week four is to have content to edit.


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