Projects wrap up today

Projects wrap up today


July 21, 2015

pulsecakeSomehow cake always shows up in the newsroom. Today is no different. It’s the last day of production lab for Pulse of 209. Six out of seven of the final projects are done.

Tomorrow we have class presentations. On Thursday, we’ll be displaying the projects to the public in the Mustang Room at 10:30 a.m. It’s located off of Danner Hall if you’re reading this and want to attend.

This semester has not been without it’s time crunches and challenges. That’s part of the reason my blogging hasn’t been what I wanted it to be.

But today, so many of the students finally had that “ah ha” moment where they realized what it meant to be finally putting it all together. I’m not overselling it, there were a lot of “wows” in the room.

The final projects are now linked on the top of the front page (the ones that are currently done). The rest are nested in inner pages.

The basic project threshold includes: one two-to-three minute video, a gallery of photos, a 600+ word story, a Photoshop-designed header and one additional multimedia piece (map, audio, etc.).

The projects are impressive for a first run of this course. Hence, we’re eating cake today to celebrate.


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