Reporting starts on multimedia projects

Reporting starts on multimedia projects


June 23, 2015


By Kody Bowerman

After a week of class, students have their story ideas and some have started reporting.

My group, composed of Midori Morita, Robert Juarez, and me, have started reporting but still need more footage.

The story being covered by my group is about paranormal investigators in the valley. We were able to go out with three investigators on a “ghost hunt” along with our skeptic, Megan Maxey. Twenty five minutes northeast of Roseville, Penryn is the home of Griffith Quarry Park & Museum. Allegedly a haunted location, this granite quarry has history of fatal mining accidents.

The park was opened in 1863 by a man named Griffith Griffith. After moving to California in the 1850s in search of gold, Griffith found a “gold mine” by stumbling upon the abundance of granite in the surrounding area. There have been a number of accounts about the deaths on the grounds of the quarry by means of falling boulders and getting caught between rocks.

We walked around the park in 104 degree heat while the investigators found some rather interesting evidence. We found out that they had their own journalistic material online and they interviewed our group as well.

It was an interesting day to say the least.


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