Second ghost hunt reporting trip brings a scare

Second ghost hunt reporting trip brings a scare


July 21, 2015

By Robert Juarez

On July 9, myself and my two group partners, Midori Morita and Kody Bowerman, went on our second ghost trip. Local ghost hunter Paul Dale Roberts invited us to a house blessing he was going to perform.

Luckily the house owner, Armida Hernandez, was willing to allow us into her home and do our reporting. We arrived at the location before Roberts, so we took the time waiting for him to conduct an interview with Hernandez.

During the interview, Hernandez spoke of paranormal activity that has been haunting her family. Her stories included claw marks on the ceiling, strange noises, and objects being dropped to the floor in the middle of the night.

Once Roberts arrived and begun his blessing, it seemed as if something or someone was making us feel unwanted as a door was unexplainably slammed and Roberts felt as if he was being pushed out of the front door.

After we left the house, we then went with Roberts to the Peltier bridge near Lodi, which has rumors of ghosts wandering the area.

After being creeped out from the house blessing, going to an allegedly haunted bridge at night time was the cherry on top. While their, we conducted an interview with Roberts, then he told the history of the bridge and the alleged hauntings, which include a women that was brutally raped and murdered and her soul continues to roam the area.

It may have been because it was nighttime and there were no street lights around but once Roberts told the story of the tragic death, an errie feeling began to surround me. After the interview, we took pictures of the area and thus ended the memorable night.


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