Spring 2018 Projects

Spring 2018 projects

Redemption Road

The road to redemption is sometimes simply a clean canvas. By Anovia Thibeaux

Return to Glory

The University of the Pacific men’s basketball team makes a comeback under the direction of Head Coach Damon Stoudamire. By Paul Muyskens

Huddle Together Rise As One

Huddle is a collective group based in Stockton created by the company TenSpace in order to help redevelop the downtown and historical areas of the city. By Victor Zuniga

Where There is Help

It doesn’t matter so much how or why individuals end up in need, what is important is what can be done to help, and that by helping, we can make our communities safer for ourselves and our children. By Lacee Ross

Warm Hearts, Cold Treats

House of Ice Cream in downtown Stockton is more than a place to cool off away from the tri-valley heat. By Kayla Brown

Under Stockton’s Night Sky

When the sun leaves its post for the day, the true beauties of the sky shine through. By Robert Andalon

Viva La Vintage

Lilou of the Valley Vintage is a shop proudly owned by Shontay Rodriguez. She and her husband, Branden Rodriguez, began the business selling vintage clothing through pop-up shops and eBay. By Cristina Poklay

A Walk in the Bark

Barkleyville has the distinction of being Stockton’s only designated dog park. There are two other parks in the city with designated dog areas: P.E. Weston and Michael Faklis. By Charles Potts II

Trading Card Games Of Our Generation

Trading Cards have been around us ever since the mid-1990s and continue to impact pop culture. By Orlando Mabalot